High Yield Stable Coin Staking 405% APR

11. June 2021


No financial advice - Make your own research

This investment strategy is based on two equaly weighted stable coins added to a liqudity pool and then staked to earn rewards.
The transactions are executed on the Polygon network and use three decentralized exchanges:

Let's assume an initial investment amount of US$ 10'000

First of all we need the two stable coins with the same face value:
- USDC (US$ 5'000)
- IRON (US$ 5'000)

In case that you doen't have any USDC but another crypto currency like ETH, BTC, MATIC, DAI then you can invest those in AAVE on Polygon and borrow USDC. Currently you would receive a positive interest rate return (partially in MATIC tokens) by going through this strategy.

Then you need to buy IRON for half of the amount (US$ 5'000). You can do that on QUICKSWAP (on Polygon) and convert the USDC 5'000 into IRON.
Once you have two equal amounts of USDC and IRON then you add them to the liquidity pool on QUICKSWAP.

Now you go the farms on IRON.FINANCE and deposit your USDC/IRON liquidity pool tokens. Immediately you start earning TITAN tokens.

Snapshot Quotes Lending Rates Borrowing Rates Liq.Pool Farming
12.06.21 USDC/IRON: 1.00
USDC: 3.2% (APR)
MATIC: 10.5% (APR)
(inc. MATIC rewards)
USDC: -0.1%
MATIC: 1.7%
(inc. MATIC rewards)
IRON/USDC: 5'920% (APY)
Analysis Investment Daily ROI Weekly ROI Monthly ROI
12.06.21 $ 10k TITAN 5.9
$ 110
TITAN 41.3
$ 770
$ 3'300

History Investment ROI (Daily) APR USDC/TITAN
12.06.21 $ 10k $ 111 405% 18.80
13.06.21 $ 10k $ 143 522% 29.80
14.06.21 $ 10k $ 142 519% 38.90
15.06.21 $ 10k $ 162 591% 43.50
16.06.21 $ 10k $ 182 666% 50.80
17.06.21 $ 10k $ -1.250 0% 0
Total $ 10k $ -509 -372%

Strategy update 16. June 2021:
Today there have been some heavy price swings in TITAN and even on the stablecoin IRON. As TITAN hit a high of USD 63 in the morning some profit taking started to accelerate the down move and finally TITAN traded below USD 30 (minus 50%). Out of this selloff panic started to take over and pools lost a lot of liquidity in matter of minutes. IRON lost over 10% against the USDC peg. Once the situaation calmed down participants took advantage of the low prices and started entering the pools and in not time IRON got back its 1:1 peg against USDC. Even TITAN recovered from the lows and started a new rally up to the 50's.

Strategy update 30. June 2021:
The strategy has been closed due to a bank run on the Iron.Finance exchange. Apparently a programming error has caused the total supply of TITAN to inflate into the trillion's. IRON was backed by around 75% with a USDC collateral and repaid after the protocol broke down. There seems to be additional compensation according to the team but no additional information has been provided.
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